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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Gimps had an unusually productive day today. We were up before ten which is unheard of at the fringe. Richard and Lee had even got up to do their insanity workout at 9.30.

We took delivery of our brand new T'shirts, which look like this...

Then headed out to see some shows. Matt and I saw some phsyical theatre: Gecko's Missing which was very impressive, then we all saw the Young Pleasance's excellent show Rites. Such a well performed show, they're a very talented cast and they really are well worth seeing each year.

We followed that with Boss of it All at Assembly Roxy which was utterly brilliant.

Then we headed home to eat our own bodyweights in Pasta (why? why always before a show? why??) before heading out for a bit of flyering and then the show.