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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello again.

Lee's just about recovered from his Parkour trauma the other night you'll be pleased to hear.

Since then we've done a couple more nice sold out shows and I've had a few tactical early nights as I try and stave off the dreaded fringe flu, I can feel a sore throat coming on so it's lots of honey and lemon and fisherman's friends for me. Hard core.

Over the last couple of days we've seen some great Gimp fan art on twitter, so I thought I'd share the best ones with you here:

This, from Connor Wallace is a strange but beautiful LNGF wall-clock. Cos it's always Gimp time. (sorry)
And we were contacted by friends of Charlie Tarran, a longtime Gimp fan to ask if we'd sign her Birthday card which we were very happy to do, but we were even happier when we saw they'd made a bespoke Gimp themed Birthday card, and an even more impressive Gimp Cake! They certainly win the award for Gimp fans of the week for this effort:
We're loving the effort guys, so keep it coming. We should probably give an award to the best piece of fan art we see at the Fringe, and put it on our website.
We're now off to remove our gimp masks and don our geek masks, as we perform for an audience of children this afternoon (yes, really) as our alter-egos Late Night Geek Fight at Comedy Club for Kids.
Wish us luck!