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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hello there.

Paul again.

So, it was an interesting show for me last night.

We had a full house; a rowdy, up for it crowd (always our favourites) and even the obligatory Friday night Stag do who had the decency not to mimic the stag do we had one night last year who decided to stumble out halfway through the show, invade the stage and piss all over the stairway leading outside.  So all in all it had the makings for a cracking show.

And it was by all accounts cracking.  Until we got to Spiderman.  for those of you who've seen the show, you'll know what this scene entails. for those who haven't I won't spoil the surprise, suffice to say that it involves me climbing through the audience dressed as Spiderman.  However last night one girl was so overcome with hysterics/fear as I climbed towards her that as I put my foot down on the back of her seat she sprang to her feet, vacating her seat in the process.  

Now we all know how theatre seats work.  You pull them down and sit on them and when you get up they spring back.  So imagine my horror when this poor girl stood up and the chair snapped shut with my foot plunging down into the gap between the seat and the backrest, my other foot over the back of the chair, leaving me straddled helpless like the oh-too-ironic fly caught in the proverbial web.  Again, if any of you know exactly what the scene entails, you can imagine how precarious my situation was.  My entire lower leg was pinned in the chair mechanism.  I know I seem like a tough guy, but it was agony.  Not helped by the guy in the seat behind who (in an attempt to help, to be fair) tried pushing the seat down again, only further crushing my battered shin and Adonis-like calf muscle.  In the end it took three audience members to help me out of the seat and I limped through the rest of the show on autopilot, I'm only half ashamed to say!

oh well. let's hope i have better luck tonight.

in other news, i Saw an all female version of Titus Andronicus yesterday at the Bedlam Theatre at 7.30, well worth a watch if you need a Shakespearian fix.

Til next time!