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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hello everyone,

Richard here and it is time for me to tackle the blog. 
Well, this is now my 6th Edinburgh Fringe and while I have happy memories of seeing superb stand ups, powerful plays and splendid sketch acts, almost all of these memories end with me standing either in Brookes Bar with a pint or in a take-away pondering whether to have salt and sauce. That is why all photos of me taken at the start and end of previous Edinburghs have looked like before and after photos from a diet plan but the wrong way round.
But not this year my friends, oh no! You see, I am getting married at the end of September and I am determined to look suave and chiseled and not pale and podgy. So, I am attempting to do something that has never been done before at the Fringe...leave Edinburgh in better health than when I arrived.
I am very fortunate that Lee has agreed to perform this Herculean task with me and together we are undertaking the INSANITY WORKOUT. Not heard of it? Well, imagine a 2 hour work out taking just 40 minutes with a guy surrounded by very healthy people on a screen shouting at you. It is painful and sweaty and so far Lee and I have done 3 sessions. Are we feeling like we've been beaten up by a gang? Yes. Are we feeling the benefit yet? No. Have we got six-packs? Yes. (One of these is a lie.)
Anyway, we will not stop until we have done all 60 sessions and mark my words, by the end of Edinburgh we will either look bloody good or dead. Keep reading the blog to find out which...
In between breaking a serious sweat, I've managed to see a couple of things and would highly recommend David Baddiel's show Fame and A Play For September.
Right time to see Nick Helm and lift some cars (one of these is a lie)


Bye for now.