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Monday, 19 August 2013

Well, we are now into the home straight of the Fringe!

The weekend crowds were excellent and in the Friday show we had the nicest stag party I have ever met who also made an appearance at our final Spank of the Fringe on Saturday night. All the Spank acts were on top form and it was a pleasure to see Al Lubel and Janey Godley in action for the first time.
The gimps have also been venturing to see shows and I would heartily recommend the excellent shows of Dan Cook and Birthday Girls, the moving and poignant 'If these spasms could speak', and the breath-taking Circa's WunderKammer.
In other news, the gimps watched the whole of WWE's Summerslam last night and Matt and I played tennis this morning on the meadows. Let's just say one of us got a sound beating...I won't tell you who...
There are still tickets available for tonight's show and we are also doing McNeil and Pamphilon's 8-Bit tonight so come along if you want to see some angry computer game playing and Paul's epic rap.
Bye for now,