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Final Week.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

So we're into the final week of this year's fringe. we're in the 'last shows' stage; last night was our final monday performance, tonight's our final tuesday show, and so on. it's about summoning up the last of your energy and pushing through to the final weekend, which is always fun.

it'll be strange for us to actually be around for the last weekend at the fringe, as we're not doing reading and leeds festivals this year. for the last two years the final weekend has been a blur of very early starts, taxis, planes and hire cars in a race against time to get to and from reading and then leeds the next day, and be back in time for our show on both nights. but as we're not doing them this year, we'll be around to celebrate the final shows and send them off in style this weekend... and with any luck we'll return to reading and leeds next year. fingers crossed.

there's a bit of a dip in audience numbers for the first half of this week, i think we had our smallest audience last night (about seventy people) but they were a very lovely crowd nontheless. numbers should pick up from midweek onwards as the tv festival brings in more punters to the city and then the final weekend is usually nice and full. but for the next couple of nights we probably won't be full so if you know anyone in town who would enjoy some gimp action, do send them our way. and if you're a pleasance pass holder you'll almost certainly get in too.

finally, it's a welcome return to our fan art feature. file this one under 'alternative uses for a flyer'...

it's a frog. thanks Sarah De'Ath.