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last night japes.

Monday, 26 August 2013

so that's it. edinburgh fringe 2013... done.

we'll post a proper roundup blog in the next couple of days about our thoughts on the month, the ups and downs, the reviews, and some thank you's once we've got home and had some sleep. and maybe a vegetable.

but before that we'll quickly share with you what happened at our final show. it definitely ended on a high with a full house and a brilliantly executed last night trick on richard.

those of you who saw the show will know there's a memorbale sketch in which richard has to eat a happy meal on stage. hamburger, small fries and a milkshake. but not last night...

no, yesterday i snuck off to mcdonals earlier in the afternoon to buy a big mac meal with large fries. five minutes before the show lee distracted rich while i swapped the contents of his happy meal for my considerably larger (and, it turns out, harder to eat) treats. the rest of us were like kids on christmas morning, giddy with anticipation while we waited for the sketch to arrive. and boy was it worth it.

i'd never seen a man drown in burger before last night. he never stood a chance. he realised as soon as he opened the happy meal what had happened (to our delight) but couldn't do anything about it other than try and stuff the whole thing in his mouth. it was like a snake dislocating its jaw before devouring a rat. incredible scenes.

i'm not sure the audience quite appreciated the magnitude of what was happening, and it's fair to say we were probably enjoying the experience a bit more than they were, but still... totally worth it. in the end he had to admit defeat as the contents of the burger, pieces of chip and dollops of milkshake littered the floor.

cheers beth o'brien for snapping the moment from the audience.

gotta love last night japes.