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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Yesterday we were picked up bright and early (well, 10am) and taken to richmond for an interview with beat magazine. it was... how shall we put this... unconventional.

when we arrived the presenter was dressed in a onesie and a pig mask.

by the end he was wrestling paul while richard and matt commentated.

after a fun if surreal half hour we were finished and with a blisteringly hot day ahead of us before we needed to be out flyering we decided to head to st kilda beach. when it comes to the sun, the gimps have very contrasting approaches to sun cream. richard and paul lather it on as if the slightest glimpse of sunlight hitting their skin will cause them to crumble instantly to dust. matt applies only what he can reach himself so he doesn't have to ask anyone for help, and david and lee approach the sun with utter disdain, blindly refusing to wear any sun cream whatsoever.

these approaches have varying results.

richard and paul remain paler than sheets.

matt sports an intriguing array of tan stains on his back where he wasn't able to reach with the lotion.

david burns but stubbornly denies that he's burnt, insisting that red is in fact an early shade of brown.

and lee ends up like this:

look at those legs.


it meant that a combination of suffocating heat, sunburn, costume changes and those damn laundry bags we start in caused us to each lose about a stone in sweat over the course of last night's show.

we're off now to lie down in a vat of aloe vera.