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Sunday, 6 April 2014

we're almost half way through our time here in melbourne and yesterday we received a lovely gift from home from the amazing people at soho theatre, who were instrumental in getting us out here.

thanks guys!

the show is going well and the reaction of the audiences has been great as has the response on twitter.

this week we've been busy packing our days with as many ridiculous activities as we can.

yesterday we went to our first aussie rules football game at the etihad stadium to see the richmond tigers play the western bulldogs.
we didn't know what to expect but it ended up being an epic game. there are 4 x half-hour quarters, with breaks in between so you're there for over three hours. the bulldogs (who dave, matt & paul were supporting) were pummelling the tigers so that by half time they had a 37 point lead. at that point richard and lee took their support for the tigers to the next level, by purchasing these none too fetching hats.

now i don't know whether the tigers knew what these two new but blindly loyal fans in the crowd had done, but it seemed to inspire the most almighty comeback.

the tigers scored goal after goal, until they were only four points behind with five minutes to go. and then the impossible happened... they scored another 6-pointer and took the lead!

at this point matt, dave and paul knew what needed to be done... and it wasn't to buy a hat. they stood in unison and yelled at their team to show some heart, to remember themselves, to fight like the bulldogs they were.

they answered the call.

with almost the final kick of the game the bulldogs scored and retook the lead before the final whistle blew on the unbelievable scoreline of 100 - 98.

another remarkable subtext to the match was beforehand richard (without knowing a single thing about aussie rules, or sport in general) had nonchalantly predicted the score would be 100 - 100. and by god he was almost right.

today saw the return of the hot weather and the first bit of sun for a few days. so naturally we all got up and went out... to play laser quest in a dark room.

no, really.

either we're all dangerously out of shape or we were much fitter than we remember when we last played laser quest, aged fourteen, because after ten minutes of running around shooting each other we were sweating and panting like we'd just finished a marathon. it was ridiculous.

but then again, nothing about it made sense. richard even won a game.

who knows what next week's fun will bring. . . ?