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now that's a day off.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

yesterday was our second day off so we crossed off another thing on our 'must do while in australia' list, by driving the great ocean road. we got up early and hired ourselves a nice big 4x4 and headed for the coast.

the road begins about an hour and a half outside Melbourne and takes in some stunning views, beaches, cliffs, forests and seaside towns along the way.

for our first stop we found a beach and played frisbee until we lost it in the sea. the jury's still out on whose fault this was but when i tell you that richard lost every single game we played... you'll get some idea about who was to blame.

there were some great views along the way, but plenty of long and winding roads on the edges of cliffs meant paul - who isn't the greatest passenger at the best of times - got increasingly car sick.

luckily for him we're a very sympathetic group so we stopped off at the side of the road so he could get some air... right after lee had secured this photo of him at his lowest ebb, that is.

eventually he got over it and we ploughed on until stopping for lunch at apollo bay where we had fresh fish & chips and a wander around.

after lunch we drove for another hour or so until we reached probably the highlight of the trip, the twelve apostles. these are giant limestone rocks that stand in the ocean just off the coast and we got there just as the sun was going down which made for a pretty awesome view.

from there we pushed on to port campbell in honour of richard, found a quiet beach where we bought another frisbee and paul (who'd brought swimming trunks) and lee (who hadn't) got in the sea and crashed around in the waves like giddy children. it was quite a site to behold. especially given lee's choice of underwear.

having had our fill of sea air and coastal views and having  by now lost a second frisbee we called it a day and drove back home. three hours later we were back in melbourne, so we grabbed a pizza and having spent far too much time in each other's company we called it a day.

now that's how you do a day off.