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Happy Birthday Richard.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Today Richard (the face gimp) hit the big 3−0.

i know, we thought he was older too.

we had ourselves a little lie-in then made our way to st kilda for some brunch and a cheeky bottle of bubbly for the birthday boy.

ahh. look at him.

that's why they call him the face.

then we hit the beach as the weather was glorious and it's probably our last chance to top up our sunburns and ensure we don't return to london as pasty as we left.

we played some frisbee, losing it a further two times in the water. we scoured the sea for a good half hour before giving up hope of ever finding it again and went back to our towels dejected, when a stranger came up and said he'd found it! david then made things really awkward by suggesting he go to the indian ocean, as they need guys like him out there at the moment.

yeah. still very much too soon for mh370 references.

after the beach we went to luna park and took our lives in our hands on this bad boy:

with our stomachs in tatters, our lungs full of sea air and our chests almost certainly burnt we headed back home. a beautiful sunset accompanied the tram journey and when we got to our station we picked up an MX paper (the equivalent of london's evening standard) to see we were on the front cover!

i think richard would agree, that's not a bad way to celebrate your birthday.

just off to do the show now then i'm sure we'll finish him off in style at the bar afterwards.