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Friday, 30 August 2013

well that was that. another edinburgh fringe done. and what a fringe it was.

we really enjoyed it this year. we'd probably all admit we were a little nervous about going up again after last year's experience of bringing up a show so big and reliant on technology, that didn't perhaps receive the critical acclaim of our previous shows. so it was a risk going back this year. but one that definitely paid off.

the show was so much fun to do. it was lighter than our previous stuff, certainly much more varied and dare i say it, more mature in parts. of course it still included some memorably 'lngf' type material that our audiences have come to know and love but it was much more silly than it was dark, which made it more fun to do. we'd also have to reluctantly admit that having richard back this year was also a big boost for us both on stage (just look at that face) and off (mainly the wrestling). we were all much more relaxed on stage than we ever have been and i think it showed.

audiences sizes were much better this year than last year too. it proved our decision to drop our venue size from 260 to 190 and make all tickets £10 this year was the right one. we were full every weekend and about two thirds full during the week, a comparative improvement on last year and a real morale booster.

we were trying as much as possible not to read the reviews this year. inevitably a few slipped through the net if they were particularly good (or bad!) but we promised to not let it affect our view of the show or our confidence because regardless of what anyone thought, we were all hugely proud of this year's show and that, combined with the audiences' reactions (which were overwhelmingly positive) was all that mattered. now that it's been a few days since we finished and we've had a chance to digest the reviews, they look like this. . .

we can be happy with that i think. the range shows that we appear to still be as divisive as ever, which doesn't bother us as the middle ground has never appealed. it's a shame that kate copstick at the scotsman didn't enjoy it as she's always been a fan, but i think this year's show just wasn't filthy or dark enough for her taste, which is fair enough. three five stars, including the one from chortle which is no mean feat, and an average of just under four stars is a pretty good result.

we decided before coming up to edinburgh that we wouldn't be doing a new show at the fringe next year. that was a tough but ultimately liberating decision which meant we could throw everything into this year and is partly why we enjoyed it so much, knowing that in a sense the pressure was off. we're not retiring, far from it. you ain't getting rid of the gimps just yet. but after five years of taking a new show to edinburgh it feels like it might be time for a change in the way we approach the next twelve months, which is very exciting. our plans include some dates overseas, a run at soho theatre, and possibly a tour. nothing confirmed yet, but watch this space. . .

finally, we'd like to end with a few thankyous.

first up to jim and dan who teched out show for the month. you guys were stars. to steve our director for all his help and support and generally making us better... not for the pickled eggs though. to chris our agent for his help and amy, laura, callum and the street team at phil mcintyre for their hard work. to four screws loose, one of our favourite sketch groups and four of the nicest people in comedy. if you saw us this year you'll know their cameo made for a brilliant moment in the show, and we will forever be grateful for them giving up their time and throwing themselves into it. thanks guys. if you saw the show you'll know we owe a debt of gratitude to sir christopher biggins for his appearance. he was hilarious and an absolute gentlemen for lending himself to the show. let's hope we haven't seen his final appearance as a gimp-master! finally, a huge thankyou to everyone who bought a ticket to see us this year. we literally couldn't have done it without you.

and that's it. we had a blast.

now that we have this blog running on our new website we'll be keeping it updated as the weeks go on. so stay tuned for the latest news and pictures of what we're up to and more importantly, what we've done to richard.

that's all for now. cheers,